Dundee Partnership Community Plan

The Dundee Partnership has implemented community planning in the city for over ten years and has an even longer record of joint-working to achieve economic development and regeneration. Our community planning arrangements have evolved in line with changing national expectations and capturing the lessons of local experience.

The most significant change resulted from the creation of the Single Outcome Agreement approach which accorded with a desire in Dundee to focus on the difference the Partnership makes to the lives of our people.

Dundee's Community Plan now consists of two documents:

  • the Single Outcome Agreement (15.7MB PDF) sets out our top strategies, priorities and outcomes for the city to be driven by all community planning partners.
  • the Dundee SOA Delivery Plan (1.1MB MS Word doc) describes the actions which will be taken by partners collectively (and where relevant, individually) to achieve real progress towards the 'above the waterline' outcomes.

Both documents contain indicators with which we will measure progress. These are monitored and reported to the Partnership regularly.

In addition, relevant actions from the Improvement Plan agreed following Best Value 2 Pathfinder Audit Report (165KB MS Word doc) (28th June 2010) set out the organisational changes which the partners are making to improve the Partnership's structure and governance.


Community Conferences

Community involvement is an important aspect of identifying both priorities and appropriate actions to help tackle them. To assist with this, regular Community Conferences have been held


Prevention Framework

Prevention is a key aspect of the work being carried out across Dundee, with a view to helping people to move out of cycles of negative outcomes and into a cycle of positive outcomes, and then maintain that positivity. The Prevention Framework is shown diagramatically here.

Blake Stevenson and Rocket Science worked together to produce the report 'Defining and Improving Prevention and Recovery in Dundee' which can be viewed by clicking the link.