The Dundee Partnership

The Dundee Partnership pools together the strengths of key City agencies including Dundee City Council, Scottish Enterprise, Tayside Police and NHS Tayside, along with local academic institutions and representatives of the business, voluntary and community sectors, providing a vehicle for co-ordinated inter agency working. The Partnership has led a range of successful projects making a major contribution to Dundee's physical and economic regeneration, and has evolved and broadened its remit to become the city's vehicle for the delivery of community planning.

Our Vision for Dundee

Through Our Partnership, Dundee:

  • will have a strong and sustainable city economy that will provide jobs for the people of Dundee, retain more graduates and make the city a magnet for new talent;
  • will offer real choice and opportunity in a city that has tackled the root causes of social and economic exclusion, creating a community which is healthy, safe, confident, educated and empowered;
  • will be a vibrant and attractive city with an excellent quality of life where people choose to live, learn, work and visit;


The Partnership has 3 formal bodies:

  • The Dundee Partnership Forum meets twice a year, with meetings taking the form of participatory workshops on key strategic issues. Examples include health inequalities, transportation, population, climate change and renewables. The Forum has a broad membership and is chaired by the Leader of Dundee City Council.
  • The Dundee Partnership Management Group meets four times a year, and is chaired by the Chief Executive of Dundee City Council. This group consists of Chief Executives and senior officers from the public sector partner organisations, along with the chairs of each theme group and representatives from the private, community and voluntary sectors. Its job is to develop the overall strategy of the Partnership, agree priorities and maximise inter-agency co-operation.
  • The Dundee Partnership Co-ordinating Group meets every two months, and is chaired by Dundee City Council's Community Planning Manager. The group includes a representative of each public sector partner and the theme group chairs. Its job is to co-ordinate the implementation of community planning.

There are also Theme Groups taking forward each of the Partnership's strategic themes along with a range of other Partnership Groups.

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