Dundee Alcohol and Drug Partnership

 Please note: as of 18 January 2017 we are updating the content of these web pages.

Recently added:

Report on Drug Deaths in Tayside, Scotland 2015 , Staying Alive in Scotland Report and several training courses, Focus On Alcohol Information Leaflets, Substance use trainings for professionals and volunteers.  Learning and Development information on Substance Use and SIPP Training.

The Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP) Membership is a partnership of all key organisations in Dundee with a role to play in reducing alcohol and drug misuse and associated harm to individuals and communities

The ADP is responsible for:

  • providing the strategic direction for services in respect of themes such as prevention, treatment and recovery from substance misuse
  • supporting local level implementation plans in line with national policies and best practice
  • ensuring a focus on key priority areas such as children and families adversely affected by substance misuse, young people using substances in harmful ways and the prevention of alcohol and drug related deaths

The ADP links with and supports the work of other theme groups such as the Dundee Community Planning Partnership (CPP) and the Protecting People Team

The Recovery Statement. expresses the principles underpinning the aims and work of the ADP

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